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Student Expectations

vTutor has high expectations of their tutors to help each student reach and attain the necessary academic goals that the student has established. However, to ensure such success, the student must come to the vTutor platform prepared with the necessary tools that will allow for a successful experience.

Students need to enter the tutoring session with the following materials readily available:

  • Paper (lined or graph)
  • Pen or Pencils
  • Specific details of the subject matter in which the student needs help
  • A short list of questions or concerns that the student can discuss with the tutor to improve the student’s academic success and experience
  • Headphones or earbuds

During each tutoring session, the student will be expected to:

  • Sign in at least five minutes prior to the session
  • Upload any necessary documents needed for the session including homework assignments, returned quizzes or tests or other materials that would be helpful for the vTutor to reference
  • Pay attention and participate actively in the session
  • Complete a brief survey at the end of the session

Sessions that are not cancelled will not be refunded if the student doesn’t show up at the scheduled time. Students are expected to behave as they would in school or during an in-home or in-center tutoring session. If there’s any inappropriate behavior, the session may be terminated by the vTutor and no refund will be issued.

Following these guidelines creates an environment of preparedness which ensures that the tutoring session moves seamlessly without unnecessary delay. Ultimately, we want the tutor and the student to maximize the tutorial session for optimal success.

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Customer Service


Customer Service

If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please email us at or call us at 888-547-3583